2 in 1 electric hair brush One step, drying + straightening

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  • 2 in 1- drying and straightening
  • Power: 1000 W
  • Ceramic coating
  • Turmalinova Technology: Anti-Static Action
  • temperature adjustment: 60 -120 degrees
  • function: hot air + cold air
  • rotating cable at 360 degrees

In one step - drying, straightening and shaping!

2 in 1 electric hairbrush One step is a functional hairbrush that will easily and quickly dry and straighten your hair without damaging it. You will enjoy a soft, shiny and smooth hairstyle for a long time.

Thanks to your exceptional power of 1000W, you will effortlessly dry and shape your hair.
2 in 1 electric hairbrush One step has a ceramic coating that protects hair and transmits shine.

The brush is also equipped with tourmalynic technology, through which a large number of negative ions are produced that neutralize static electricity in your hair, leaving it smooth and soft. Forget about fluttering and unruly hair and enjoy impeccably tidy and vibrant hair.

Weight: 660g
Size: 384*109*90mm
Color: Black + Pink
Voltage: 110/240V 50~60Hz
Power:1000 W
Three temperature levels: 60-120 degrees
Function: drying+straightening





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