Ampoule with hyaluronic acid Dermacode, 10мл.

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- smoothes the skin and balances the water flow

- deep hydration

- protects against premature aging

- fills the connective tissue

- recommended age 40+ years

Action Fills the connective tissue, deeply hydrates, smoothes the skin and balances the water flow. Protects against premature aging. One of the main causes of skin aging is dehydration, and the role of hyaluronic acid in combating it is of great importance. In addition to retaining moisture in the skin, it creates volume and density. Young skin contains a lot of hyaluronic acid, but with age, the acid in it decreases significantly, which leads to the loss of elasticity and the appearance of signs of aging. Application: For PROFESSIONAL USE: On the face cleaned with a water-based product, the ampoule is applied, activated manually or mechanically with ultrasound, needleless mesotherapy, RF, etc. Next comes the final product (cream or fluid according to skin type and therapy). FOR HOME USE: The ampoule can be added to the daily cream or other cosmetic product, or applied alone as a serum. Massage until the product is completely absorbed. Quantity: 10 ml Recommended age: 40+
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Manufacturer Dermacode
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