Diffuser for aromatherapy 600 ml ZEN /LIGHT/ Makeda Botanics

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- Water tank capacity 600 ml
- Suitable for rooms up to 60 sq.m.
- Built-in LED lights for chromotherapy (color therapy to balance the mind, spirit and body)
- Self-shutoff function when water is reduced ensures safe use
- Made of ABS/PP materials - Timer for preset operation time
- Works with a cable plugged into the mains
- It has a measuring cup for precise dosing of water
- 2 years warranty

MAKEDA Botanics ZEN /LIGHT/ serves to humidify the air, forming fine cool steam and aromatherapy with essential oils. It has a water tank capacity of 600 ml, which makes it suitable for rooms up to 60 sq.m.

The MAKEDA Botanics ZEN /LIGHT/ diffuser is an electric aromatherapy device that works without heating, thanks to ultrasonic technology that forms a fine cool vapor - thus diffusing the essential oils in the air and thus optimally preserving their therapeutic properties. A healthy substitute for toxic fragrances and scented candles, which emit harmful substances when burned.

The diffuser is the best way to absorb the valuable qualities of essential oils, humidify and purify the air in the room. The ultrasonic disk decomposes the oil into very fine particles, which through the steam saturate the air and neutralize dust and pathogenic bacteria. Clean and fresh air contributes to a healthier environment, easier breathing, full sleep and enhanced immunity.

✓Full rest and peaceful sleep
✓Relief of flu and viral conditions
✓Relief of cough and stuffy nose
✓ Air sterilization
✓Cleaning from bacteria, germs and dust
✓Improving concentration and mental focus
✓Increasing immunity
✓Balancing emotions
✓Calmation of the nervous system
✓ Alleviation of depressive and anxiety states
✓ Air humidification

How to use: Open the diffuser using a counterclockwise twisting motion. Remove the tank cap and fill with water to a level 2 cm below the top edge. Add 3-5 drops of essential oil, depending on the intensity of aroma and therapeutic properties you want to achieve. Place the tank cap back on and close the top of the diffuser using a clockwise twisting motion.

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Warranty (months) 24
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