Facial cleansing brush 2in1 Silk'n Fresh, 360 degree rotation, built-in container for cleansing gel, waterproof

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- Waterproof - can be used in the shower and in the bath;

- Built-in dosing tank for cleaning lotion;

- Removes 6 times more makeup than manual cleaning;

- Shrinks enlarged pores;

- Helps absorb creams and lotions;

- Automatic shutdown in 1 minute;

- Included 2 brushes - for normal and sensitive skin;

- 2 modes of operation - vibration and pulsation - 360 degrees brush rotation

Silk'n Fresh 2in1, face cleaning brush with built-in tank. Dosesof the right amount of cleaningproduct we need for oneprocedure. New patented technology with vibration at 360 degrees, for more efficient and deep cleansing of the skin. Removesup to six timesfaster makeup than manual cleaning.

Silk'n Fresh,with this favorableface, visibly reduces enlarged pores and with a micro-circulation of the skin.

How is silk'n fresh brush different?

With this appliance, it is not necessary to use a separate lotion or cleansing gel for face. At the touch of a button, the cleaning product is dosed from the brush and applied directly to the skin.
Just fill the special tank with cleansing lotion and you are ready. Press the button and the required amount of lotion automatically comes out of the brush. Experience a completely new way to clean your face!
The tank has a lotion storage capacity for about 30 strains.
Two modes for work-vibration and pooling
Silk'n Fresh has vibration mode and pulsation mode. Using vibration mode, your skin is thoroughly cleaned. In the pulsation mode, the brush performs massage movements, which relaxes the muscles and skin and face. The function is recommended both in the morning and after a long and tiring day, in the evening.
100% waterproof

Most face cleaning brushes are not 100% water resistant. But Silk'n Fresh is! This allows you to use the appliance while taking a shower or bath. Combine both cleaning treatments and save time.
Automatic braking in one minute

The face can be divided into 6 areas: elo, nose, chin, left cheek, right cheek and neck. Silk'n Fresh can thoroughly clean any area in 10 seconds. The smart timer automatically turns off the appliance after 1 minute, marking the end of treatment. This way you can be sure that you do not exceed the ideal cleaning time.

Contents of the kit:

Silk'n Fresh
face appliance
• 1 adapter • 2

removable brushes for normal and sensitive skin • charging holder • instruction manual

Guarantee 24 months!


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Manufacturer Silkn
Warranty (months) 24
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