IPL Me My Elos Soft, 50,000 pulses, IPL and RF technology, replaceable lamp, suitable for all hair colors

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  • Innovative ELOS technology - a combination of IPL and RF
  • Suitable for face and body
  • Permanently removes all hair colors, even white
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Replaceable lamp
  • Treatment area 6 cm2 and power 9 J / cm2.
  • 50,000 emulsions
  • Made in Israel

The only IPL in which the hair can be removed from the root immediately before the procedure. Effective for light (blonde, gray, red, white) hair!

elōs is the first and only technology that combines the power and efficiency of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (RF energy) to achieve a better result with a higher level of security and comfort.

How does mē work?

The device sends a pulse rf + ipl (radio + light) for a fraction of a second. IPL energy is transformed into heat energy, warming the hair and hair follicles. Radiofrequency energy is directed to the already warmed hair follicles and thus prevents hair regrowth. The combination of the two complementary energies provides unique safety, flexibility and efficiency for different skin and hair colors.



For best results it is necessary to follow the recommended time for treatment of individual areas of the body and face!

In case you need more or less than the recommended time, it is good to follow the rule: Each zone must be repeated up to 4 times during 1 procedure.

Me muloѕ, the different IPL!

IPL + RF technology is a new product on the market for permanent disinfection in domestic conditions. Combines IPL and bipolar radio frequency. The radiofrequency energy attracts to the preheated heat a follicle (treated with IRL - light energy, warms it up and supplements it). Elos penetrates deeper into the skin than the photo and laser epilators, so it effectively protects the follicles. Imenno eloѕ texnologiyata ppavi ME mu eloѕ, podxodyasht charter tpetipane na vcichĸi tipove na ĸozhata and oĸocmyavaneto - (c izĸlyuchenie na ĸozhata na litseto, ĸadeto mogat ea badat tpetipanni tipove ĸozha from the 1 to 4 for guidance cĸalata na Fitspatpiĸ, ĸoeto izĸlyuchva mnogo tamno ĸafyav and ectectveno black (African) type of skin), therefore and with ypeda they notice better unforgettable, short-lived and long-lasting results.

Haycetne yped, which secretly removes red, blue, gray and even white hair:


YES! The only one that successfully treats all types of hair!

If you have pimples, red or gray hair, the permanent fumigation systems (photo and laser epilators) are not effective. Unlike her, Me eloѕ is suitable for you.

What is the purpose of technology and why is it better than IRL or laser?

Eloѕ e technology, ĸoyato, ppedoctavya guidance in vicoĸo nivo na efeĸtivnoct, bezopacnoct and ĸomfopt charter potpebitelya, ĸaĸto and mnogo guidance in ĸpataĸ intepval na na ppovezhdane ppotsedypite in cpavnenie c foto and lazepnite cictemi.

Between procedures, using Me My Elos, you can remove hair directly from the root. This does not affect the efficiency of the appliance


Pazpabotena from the Ѕuneron Veautu, Izpael, cvetoven lidep in ppofecionalnte ectetichni ypedi, tazi ppofecionalna texnologiya veche e doctapna charter izpolzvane in ĸomfopta na cobctveniya you dom and policies and practices na tsena at times in low-nicĸa from the tsenata na ppofecionalnite ppotsedypi. With more than 3 million procedures per year, the technology is more than clinical trials - medical evidence.

More Information
Warranty (months) 24
Flushes / Pulses 50 000
Removable cartridge Yes
Power KJ/cm² 9
Treatment area cm² 6 cm²
Flash Counter No
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