Fluid Dinalift 7% Dermacode 50 мл

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- Tightens and smoothes the skin
- Suitable for mature, dry and exhausted
- Lifts the eye contour
- Immediate effect

This innovative product will relieve you of pain and post-operative recovery.

Thanks to the fillers based on dynalift 7%, the facial contour of the face will be restored easily and quickly.

Dynalift creates a light film on the skin with an immediate firming and shaping effect. Extracted from the juice of the Australian sorghum plant, it contains all the substances necessary for the skin

For best results, apply the serum to a well-cleansed face directly on problem areas in 2-3 drops with massaging movements (morning or evening). 10-15 minutes later, apply the final cream - this way the serum will strengthen its action with its active ingredients. Change the used serum once every 3-6 months.

Quantity: 50 ml
Recommended age: 50+
Product: serum

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