Silk'n Infinity Smooth photopilator set 400K pulse + Lady Shave W&D

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– eHPL™ technology suitable for all skin colors and almost all hair colors
– 400,000 pulses
– For face and body
– 2 methods of operation
– pulsation and sliding
– Free mobile application for planning procedures
– Bluetooth connection imulsion counter!
– Convenient storage case
– Silk'n Lady Shave Electric Shaver

Silk'n presents a new, elegant Silk'n Infinity Smooth permanent hair kit that includes:

1. Silk'n Infinity photoepilator, 400,000 pulses

eHPL™ - the latest technology in permanent hair removal, first introduced by Silk'n Infinity. The combination of Galvanic and Optical Energies allows the hair to be removed more efficiently, opening the pores so that the light pulses optimally reach the hair follicle. Quickly removes unwanted hair without pain, irritation of the skin or subcutaneous hair. Effective and safe treatment of almost all skin colors, EVEN THE DARKEST. Successfully combs even red and gray hairs.

Full-body procedure is performed in less than 20 minutes!

Painless and without irritation of the skin!
Silk'n Infinity treatments are painless - you treat hair follicles, and hair growth decreases gradually after each subsequent procedure.

Thanks to speed pulse feed, Silk'n Infinity works 2 times faster. The device delivers pulses at an interval of 1 to 2 seconds, i.e. you can slide the appliance across the surface of your skin without waiting for each subsequent pulse to charge.

Suitable for face
and body The 3 cm² treatment surface is ideal for treating small areas including face and bikini line! The large number of pulses is enough to achieve permanent results on all areas. The most often treated areas are legs, armpits, bikini line and upper lip.

400,000 pulses for infinite smoothness - remove unwanted hair effortlessly. The large number of impus ensures that you will not need additional funds for spare lamps.

Before a procedure, it is necessary to shorten or remove the hair, this allows the light pulse to penetrate to the root without dissipating along its length. You can do this with:

2. The Silk'n Lady Shave electric razor

It works wirelessly and is suitable for a whole body. The comb attachment helps you trim and shape places like the bikini line, precisely and gently. The shaping head is designed to remove even the smallest and lightest hairs with extreme precision.

Safe shaving system for perfect skin protection, resistant to water sprays. Ergonomic design, compact and lightweight.

More Information
Manufacturer Silkn
Warranty (months) 24 месеца
Flushes / Pulses 400 000
Removable cartridge No
Power KJ/cm² 6
Treatment area cm² 3
Flash Counter Yes
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