IPL Silk'n Jewel LUXX 200,000 pulses

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- Patented and clinically proven HPL™ permanent hair removal technology

- Automatic pulse feeding system

- Suitable for face and body

- 200,000 light pulses

- 5 degrees at work

- adjustable force

- skin color sensor

- Can be used after sun exposure (grade 1 only)

- Lamp area: 3 cm²

- Schedule procedures using free Silk'n App app

Silk'n Jewel LUXX -

Uses proven HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology for permanent hair removal. The new Silk'n Jewel LUXX - so small and light that you can carry it anywhere with you. With 200,000 pulses! HPL™ the technology is specially developed to provide all the advantages of photoepilation at home. Dermatologically recommended! Clinically proven!

Designed for whole body and face

Silk'n Jewel LUXX is suitable for all parts of the body and face - armpits, bikini line, hands, legs, face, breasts and back. It's perfect for delicate areas. With five levels of strength for quick, easy and safe use at home.

New: Automatic pulse feed for faster procedures.

Silk'n Jewel LUXX has an entirely new design different from all other IPL on the market. There are only 1 botton – which serves both to turn on and off and to adjust the degrees of force. You no longer need to press a button to give a pulse. Just toy jewel to your skin and it will automatically give you momentum – for a quicker and easier procedure.

The optimal area of 3cm2 allows you to treat small areas precisely by feeding single pulses, so by sliding quickly to process the larger areas of the body.

200,000 light pulses for face and body treatment

With Silk'n Jewel LUXX you don't have to worry about additional costs of buying a spare lamp. The device is equipped with 200,000 light pulses, sufficient for repeated procedures for a long time, sufficient for both the first and the support procedures. Suitable for face and body. Perfectly smooth skin every day with Silk'n Jewel LUXX.

Silk'n Jewel LUXX!

Light hair removal is not suitable for skin with a naturally darker tone or for tanned skin. Silk'n Jewel LUXX has a built-in skin color sensor that is designed to measure complexion on the treated surface and allow treatment only for color-appropriate skin. This unique safety feature will not allow you to treat where your skin is too dark or with a strong complexion. Moreover, the 3 cm2 treating surface through which the pulses are transmitted is embedded inside the device. This allows the appliance to protect your skin by avoiding direct contact between the treating surface and the skin.

Energy level

The energy level determines the intensity of the Silk'n Jewel LUXX light pulse that is fed to your skin. As energy levels increase, so does the result of hair removal. Silk'n Jewel LUXX offers 5 energy levels, from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) displayed by 5 energy level indicators. Each time it is switched on, its energy level is automatically restored to the lowest degree.

More Information
Manufacturer Silkn
Warranty (months) 24
Flushes / Pulses 200 000
Removable cartridge No
Power KJ/cm² 6
Treatment area cm² 3
Flash Counter No
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