Silk'n ToothWave DentalRF ™ - patented and unique radio frequency electric toothbrush - removes tartar

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- Electric toothbrush with patented DentalRF ™ technology
for professional results
- Cleans and protects teeth atthe molecular level
- The first electric toothbrush to remove tartar
- Up to 8 shades of whiter teeth in 6 weeks
- Removes plaque by up to 70%
- Removes stubborn stains by up to 79%
- Reduces inflammation of gums by up to 72%
- Clinically proven, safe, gentle and effective
- Can be used for up to 2 weeks on a single charge
- Includes two spare brushes: small and large


Want a whiter smile and healthier gums? Discover silk's toothwave revolutionary electric toothbrush, which does much more than any other toothbrush on the market.

DENTALRF ™ technology: clinically proven and patented
Silk't ToothWave technology is no ordinary electric toothbrush. In fact, the results achieved with it differ significantly from any other toothbrush. The secret behind ToothWave is the new, clinically proven, patented and safe DentalRF ™ technology with which you will achieve professional results at home.

Discoloration, stains and tartar shall be attached to the dental surface by means of strong molecular bonds. Standard cleaning methods are not quite effective and can very often lead to enamel damage. Unlike other brushes on the market, Silk'n ToothWave sends light radio frequency waves of charged molecules that envelop the surface of each tooth. In this way, radiofrequent molecules break the bond between the tooth surface and the adhesives, removing them in daily use. Silk'n ToothWave toothbrush makes teeth whiter and cleaner, significantly improving overall oral hygiene.

How does it work?
Over time and with daily use Silk's ToothWave is able to provide you with remarkably improved oral hygiene. It not only removes plaque, but unlike other ordinary electric or manual toothbrushes, removes stubborn stains and even tartar. In addition, it reduces inflammation of the gums and guarantees healthier gums. All this is possible thanks to the revolutionary dentalrf technology ™.

Innovative cleaning head Brush
head is designed to work optimally in harmony with DentalRF ™ technology. DentalRF technology ™, efficiently and at the same time delicately reaches deep to the tooth and along the gum. The brush lint is non-abrasive and extremely gentle, which protects tooth enamel and prevents sensitivity.
After 1 month, you will notice a complete change in the condition of the teeth. And in 2 months the results will be even more striking; you will clearly see that your teeth have become much cleaner, whiter and healthier.

Long battery life On
one full charge and in regular use (twice a day for 2 minutes) Silk's ToothWav will work for up to 2 weeks without the need for charging.

3 Silk's
ToothWave vibration speeds are equipped with 3 vibration speeds (high, medium or low vibration). With the highest vibration speed, ToothWave makes up to 48,000 vibrating revolutions per minute, ensuring maximum and efficient cleaning of dental surfaces. It is recommended to use the brush at the highest speed to achieve maximum results.

Smart Silk'n
ToothWave timer is equipped with a smart timer for a 30-second interval that signals when the cleaning of the area is complete and you need to move on. After 2 minutes of continuous use, the device will automatically shut down.

Waterproof Silk'n
has a waterproof design – it can be used in the shower or bath.

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