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By using the services on this site, you agree and accept the terms described below.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USE OF "Ariva Group" EOOD FOR MAKING PURCHASES THROUGH THE E-SHOP ARIVABEAUTY.COM. These TERMS OF USE govern the terms of purchase and sale through the online store - arivabeauty.com. These conditions represent a contract of sale between "Ariva Group" Ltd. and any natural or legal person who visits the site and has made a request to purchase GOODS through the e-shop.
Ariva Group EOOD (hereinafter referred to as the "Provider"), as the creator and owner of this website arivabeauty.com gives you the right to download and view all materials published on this website only for personal non-commercial use, provided that you comply with and comply with all copyright and related notices. The materials on this Site may not be altered in any way, nor may they be copied, publicly distributed or distributed for any public or commercial purpose. The use of materials published on this website on other sites is prohibited. The materials on this Site are protected by copyright and related rights and any unauthorized use may be a violation of copyright, trademark rights or other legal provisions.


By placing an ORDER of GOODS from the e-shop, each CLIENT of the site agrees with these TERMS OF USE and undertakes to comply with them. Trade company "Ariva Group" EOOD is registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency with UIC: 201033998. GOODS are the products offered in the e-shop. CUSTOMER means any person, visitor of the e-shop, who has placed an order by pressing the "Order" button, available in the virtual cart. SUPPLIER is understood as "Ariva Group" EOOD in its capacity of offering the GOODS in the e-shop, as well as fulfilling the orders concerning them. All prices of GOODS in the e-shop are final and no additional indirect taxes are due on them. The prices are per piece or for a certain quantity of GOODS (set), without included costs for delivery of the GOODS, except when explicitly mentioned. The SUPPLIER does not guarantee the availability of the ordered GOODS. The SUPPLIER is not responsible and does not accept complaints for damaged GOODS as a result of corrections. In the absence of stock of the ordered GOODS, the SUPPLIER, within one working day after receipt of the purchase application, notifies the CUSTOMER of its exhaustion. The SUPPLIER has the right to change the prices in the e-shop of the offered GOODS without prior notice. The CLIENT is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of the order and confirmation of the desired GOODS. The SUPPLIER does not guarantee that the access to the e-shop will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and error-free. The SUPPLIER is not responsible for failure to provide access to the e-shop, as well as for non-processing or untimely processing of purchase orders in the event of circumstances beyond its control - cases of force majeure, accidental events, problems in the Internet and more. The SUPPLIER undertakes not to provide the personal data provided by users to third parties.

Requests for purchase of goods in the e-shop

The final price of the goods is written on the page for presentation of the respective product, next to the name of the goods. The value of transport costs for delivery is NOT INCLUDED in the price of the goods. It is specified separately in the order and is charged to the price of the goods when determining the final price for payment. By clicking the "Order" button, the CLIENT declares that he has read the current TERMS OF USE, agrees with them, accepts them and undertakes to comply with them. The SUPPLIER confirms to the CLIENT the accepted order by e-mail or phone within 24 hours after its receipt. Order with incorrect, incorrect or incomplete data such as address, phone number, etc. is considered invalid and will not be enforced. METHOD OF PAYMENT
In the e-shop the CLIENT pays for the ordered products in one of the following ways:
1) Payment on Delivery ( available for certain countries )
1) Stripe - credit /debit card
2) Bank Transfer
3) PayPal
More payment methods to be available soon!

By choosing the method of payment, by bank transfer the client agrees to make an advance payment for the goods within the meaning of Art. 53, para 1 of the Consumer Protection Act. The goods ordered for purchase are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the customer within 2 (two) working days. The goods are delivered properly packaged according to their type and transport for delivery and are handed over to the customer or a third party, who accepts and confirms their receipt by .. In case the customer is not found within the delivery period at the address specified by him or not If access and conditions for delivery of the goods are provided within this period, the supplier shall be released from his obligation to deliver the goods ordered for purchase. The customer can confirm his desire to receive the goods after the expiration of the delivery period, in which he was not found at the address, bearing all the costs of re-delivery. In this case, a new delivery period starts to run from the moment of the confirmation under the previous sentence.

According to Art. 55, para. (1) of the CPA, the customer has the right to return the goods to the supplier within 14 working days from the date of receipt. The customer must have stored the goods, the integrity of their packaging must not be damaged and the commercial appearance must be preserved (all labels, stickers, etc. must be on the goods). The costs related to the return of the GOODS are at the expense of the CLIENT.

Online registration

To make your shopping easier, we provide an option to register on our site. As a registered user, you enter your delivery information once, after which it is saved for each subsequent order.


You will receive an information email from us about new and promotional products only if you wish to receive them. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter, you can unsubscribe by following the link at the bottom of the email.


User: A person who selects the products from the STORE, fills in the data and initiates the order, doing so on his own behalf or on behalf of the legal entity from which he is authorized. Recipient: A natural or legal person who may be different from the consumer and who receives the ordered products at the address indicated by the applicant. To place an order, the user must fill in the necessary data at the specified places. Deliveries are made from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm on working days and on Saturdays until 2.00 pm.  Delivery times vary, depending on destination country.  See this for estimation.  Delivery by the courier company may be delayed on public holidays or days with high purchasing activity (eg Black Friday).

Order cancellation and complaints

Pursuant to Article 55, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the CLIENT has the right within 14 days of delivery, without paying compensation or penalty and without stating a reason, to withdraw from the contract by returning the ordered goods under the following conditions: -The CLIENT to inform the SUPPLIER in advance in writing to the following e-mail address: [email protected] that on the basis of art. and a bank account to which he will be reimbursed the amount paid by him for the returned goods. - The original packaging of the goods placed by the manufacturer is not damaged and the integrity of the protective stickers placed by the SUPPLIER is not violated. - All transport and other costs for the return of the goods are entirely at the expense of the CLIENT. Until the return of the goods by the CUSTOMER to the SUPPLIER, the risk of accidental damage is borne entirely by the CUSTOMER. In case the CLIENT exercises his right under Art. 55, para 1 CPA provided that he has fulfilled the above conditions, the SUPPLIER is obliged to refund the amount paid by bank transfer, within five working days from return of goods. If there is a problem with the purchased product, you can contact our representative by phone: 0885 742 049. In case of finding a defective product, "Ariva Group" Ltd. undertakes to replace it with a new one such as transport and other costs of receipt and return of the goods are at the expense of the Supplier.


We understand the importance of the confidentiality of your personal data, so we guarantee all users that they are well protected. We recommend that you: Keep your password! Do not give it to anyone. A person who knows your password has access to your account; Avoid using the same password for different accounts; If you're using a public computer (such as a library or Internet cafe), always make sure you're signed out of your account before turning off your computer; Change your password often; Do not disclose personal information! Ariva Group EOOD will not require you to disclose the account password for using the site or your credit card number by phone or e-mail. Ariva Group EOOD will not require you to disclose your bank account details or other personal information over the phone. Any such request by telephone or e-mail, respectively, must be ignored. If someone makes such a request to you, please contact Ariva Group EOOD. Identify fake e-mails (forgery or fraud) Authentic e-mails are those sent by e-mail from addresses ending in "@ getmax.eu"; “@ Arivabeauty.com”

Personal Data

Ariva Group EOOD is a certified administrator of personal data, registered in the CPDP under number 267379. The data and personal information provided by USERS / CLIENTS are used by Ariva Group EOOD for order management, for delivery of products and services, for payment processing, to communicate with USERS / CUSTOMERS about orders, products, services and promotional offers, product and service recommendations. Also, Ariva Group Ltd. uses this data and information to improve the online store and online trading platform to avoid or prevent fraud or abuse to the detriment of the site, as well as to enable third parties to perform technical support, logistics and other services for the site. "Ariva Group" EOOD retains any information posted on the site or sent in any other way by USERS / CLIENTS. We collect the following information: Your name Contact information, including email address Demographic information such as zip code, delivery address, preferences and interests other information relevant to orders and research on the site

How do we use information we collect

The purpose of data collection is: notifying Customers about the information in their Accounts, notifying Buyers about the status of their Orders, evaluation of the offered Goods and Services, other commercial activities, advertising of the Goods and Services, marketing, advertising, media, administrative, research, market research, tracking and monitoring of sales and customer behavior.

Use of cookies (cookies)

This Policy for the use of cookies aims to acquaint you with the peculiarities and expediency of the use of cookies on the websites of "Ariva Group" EOOD. What is a cookie? A cookie is a file that contains a limited set of textual information that a website transfers from a web browser to your device's hard drive temporarily while you are visiting, or for a longer period of time, depending on the type of cookie. The function of cookies is to distinguish you from other users of the same website or to store certain information related to your preferences and is used by most sites to facilitate your browsing. Each cookie is unique to your browser and contains anonymous information. Usually the content includes the name of the domain from which it comes. What types of cookies do we use? The site getmax.eu uses the following types of cookies according to their purpose: Cookies related to the performance of the site - they collect statistical information about site traffic, including the number of visits, downtime, popularity of individual pages, sequence of visits, repeat visits and the moment of leaving the site. This allows us to track the success of our sites as well as the effectiveness of our site. Analyzing the data, we come to solutions to improve the user experience of the site. Preferred settings These are cookies to store information on language selection, location and display settings according to the type of device from which you access the website.The goal is not to have to re-select settings that you have already confirmed or rejected in a previous visit to the site or in the current session, thus ensuring maximum convenience of visiting the site. User Behavior This category of cookies stores information about your decisions as a user. These include keeping track of surveys and a history of your preferences and requests for the products and services we offer. This avoids the need to re-enter data and selections for your convenience. Advertising and marketing These cookies make it possible to personalize the site's advertising messages, as well as measure the effectiveness of advertisements and promotional campaigns. They are often placed by external advertising networks under pre-approved conditions. Advertising cookies are used to tailor ads and marketing campaigns to your preferences. They help you to see only the messages that really interest you, as well as not to come across the same ad every time you visit our site. How to deactivate cookies? Please note that disabling cookies can lead to malfunctions on the site. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can disable them from the settings of the browser you use.


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