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  1. January 29, 2021

    How to choose our hair straightener

    We all want clean, smooth, shiny hair with a perfect hairstyle. But for most of us, it is impossible to visit a hairdresser every day - both because

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  2. January 11, 2021

    To be fresh and attractive, even in a pandemic

    Is it really possible to have a home appliance to help us solve our skin problems?

    Yes of course! Imagine getting the same

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  3. December 18, 2020

    Moyou London - the new trend in nail decoration

    When we talk about style, we usually mean that each of us has a sense of taste, elegance and individuality. To look stylish, it is not

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  4. December 07, 2020

    Cellulite - how to fight it

    Никой не обича "портокаловата кожа", особено в летните месеци. Вижте повече информация за целута. 

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  5. December 07, 2020

    Permanent Hair removal! What to choose - IPL or Laser?

    If you have ever thought about removing unwanted hair forever, IPL and laser hair removal are certainly the two options you have in mind.

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  6. November 22, 2020

    Tech Tangle: Can your hair keep up with the rapid evolution of technology?

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  7. November 22, 2020

    Hair Removal at home

    Regular hair removal and the frequent appearance of small but conspicuous hair is a problem known to the pain of every lady. Hair removal in some areas

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