Glov Comfort Makeup Glove

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- Cleans all kinds of makeup only with water!

- Cleans excess sebum & prevents blackheads from appearing

- Clinically tested and proven 100% hypoallergenic.

- Ideal for all skin types

- Does not impair skin's natural pH balance & enhances its elasticity

- Gently exfoliates

- Suitable for users with contact lenses

- Can be used for at least 3 months!


GLOV Comfort is the ideal solution for sensitive skin prone to allergies or acne. Delicate micro fibers clean pores and remove any dirt on the skin. The use of GLOV Comfort prevents irritations, as it is used only with water.

GLOV Comfort fibers are made of 2 elements:

Polyamide responsible for water absorption and Polyester absorbing fatty particles. The balance of the two elements spares the natural barrier of the skin without irritating it. Normal sebum secretion and water balance.

Save time and money, forget about cotton pads, and other unnecessary cosmetic accessories that only take up unnecessary space! Say goodbye to cleansing lotions, tors, oils, creams, gels and wet wipes! Just moisten your GLOV, clean your face with it and .. Finish! GLOV Comfort is the perfect solution for those of you who care about efficacy.

Large size and quadrilateral shape for optimal full-face cleansing!

GLOV Comfort is ruthless even to the most stubborn makeup. The quadrilateral shape system allows deep and efficient cleaning. Two corners of GLOV Comfort clean the makeup from the eyelids and the central part of the face while the main part of the glove takes care of the rest of the face, neck and décolleté.

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