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Silk'n Revit Prestige diamond microdermabrasion

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- Smoothes fine lines
- Automatic and manual mode
- 3 vacuum settings
- Cordless use
- 3 diamond tips (fine, normal and body)
- Massage attachment
- Includes stand/charger and storage bag

Ultra-powerful microdermabrasion device with diamond peeling.
Removes dead skin cells, stimulates the production of new cells and blood circulation.
Improves the texture and elasticity of the skin, erases age spots, skin imperfections and shallow acne scars.

Silk'n ReVit Prestige is the best solution for anyone who wants to have vibrant skin and younger skin.

SILK'n ReVit Prestige MICRODERMABRASION DEVICE comes with three diamond treatment tips for optimal exfoliation of the skin of the face and body, including 30 filters. Dead skin cells are carefully removed from the upper layer of the skin (epidermis), sucked into the device and captured by a removable filter. The procedure stimulates the production of new skin cells. It can be compared to professional peeling in a beauty salon.


fine diamond particles and a small surface area. It is designed for delicate and hard-to-reach places on the face, such as the areas around the eyes, nose and mouth.

Standard treatment nozzle suitable for all skin types. Designed for the rest of the face and neck.

Larger diamond particles and a larger treatment area. This nozzle was developed specifically for the procedure of the body, such as the hands and feet.

includes 30 pcs. Filters.


Silk'n ReVit Prestige's vacuum stimulation improves the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates blood circulation. The skin on your face looks younger and smoother, and imperfections are less visible.

Since the skin cannot be treated with diamond tips every day, ReVit Prestige provides a massaging attachment. This nozzle has a smooth surface, making it suitable for daily use. Result: a beautiful and healthy complexion.

Silk'n ReVit Prestige procedure is equipped with a display that shows the mode you are using. You can choose between two: Automatic and Manual.

With automatic mode, the remaining session time is observed in a certain area and where and how you should treat your skin. This regime ensures that the procedure is safe and structured.
With the manual regime, you can structure the therapy yourself.

recommended that you do not treat the skin more than twice a week with diamond tips.

In any procedure, the skin should be clean and dry and do not contain creams and makeup. Full facial therapy takes about four minutes.

After a procedure, wash the face with cold water and apply cream, preferably with SPF 30.
Massage therapy is suitable for daily use and should be used on clean, dry skin.

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