LESCOLTON T015C IPL and rejuvenation device + sterilizer and cooling effect

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- High quality appliance with 24m warranty

- UV sterilizer

- Area of the treatment lamp - 3.6 cm2

- Power 3-5 J / cm2

- IPL function - 300,000 pulses

- Rejuvenation function - 100,000 impulses

- Large cooling area - 9 cm2

- 5 degrees of strength

- Suitable for the whole body and any skin color

- Suitable for men and women

The latest offer from the LESCOLTON brand!

LESCOLTON T015C device for IPL and rejuvenation, cold compress and sterilizer, 400,000 pulses.

4 operating modes:

UV Sterilization
Hair removal only
Only skin rejuvenation
Hair removal + cold compress
Rejuvenation + Cold compress

Gentle and effective on even the most sensitive areas of the body, this IPL system guarantees long-term hair reduction. The light produces heat, which is transferred to the hair follicle and triggers it to enter a resting phase. As a result, hair growth is hindered.

The Lescolton IPL is a model that can be used for permanent hair removal, equipped with 600,000 pulses, which provide you with long-term use of the device.

IPL lamp-designed for hair removal of the whole body, including face and intima. 600,000 pulses, guaranteeing lasting results for years. IPL technology works beneath the surface of the skin by directing melanin into the hair follicle, interrupting the hair growth cycle.

About 1500 pulses are consumed for one whole body procedure.

To achieve lasting results, about 15 procedures are needed, spread over a time equal to 23,000 pulses.


Brand: Lescolton
Model number: T015C
Cooling area: 9 cm²
Use: bikini, face, body, armpit ...
Material: ABS
Size: 21 * 12 * 10cm
Power supply: 100-240V AC 50 / 60Hz DC24V-1.9 A
Power: 40 ± 5 W
Lighting type: quartz lamp
Lamp area: 3.5 cm²
IPL levels: 1-5
Application: IPL for women and men
Impulses: 400,000

The set includes:
1 piece. IPL device for hair removal and rejuvenation
1 piece. glasses
1 piece. Sterilization base
1 piece. User guide

More Information
Manufacturer Lescolton
Warranty (months) 24 месеца
Flushes / Pulses 400 000
Removable cartridge No
Power KJ/cm² 5
Treatment area cm² 3.6
Flash Counter Yes
Works on Battery No
Functions IPL, rejuvenation, UV sterilizer, cold compress
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