Hair dryer Silk'n SIlkyLocks 2200W, 6 speeds, 8 heat settings, Ionizing function

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- Innovative Smart Touch display
- Ionizing function
- 6 speeds, 8 heat settings
- Powerful DC motor (2200W /110 km/h)
- Cool Shot button
- Perfect for any hair type
- Compact and lightweight design
- Includes hub and diffuser
- Overheating protection systems (AOPP) and balanced heat transfer (EHD)
- Removable filter

1.Сешоар Smart Silk'n SIlkyLocks 2200W

Innovative Smart touch dryer for smooth, shiny & healthy hair!
Most ordinary hair dryers wear out hair and it loses its vitality, especially with daily use. With Silk'n SilkyLocks 2200W you don't have to worry about it, it allows you to dry your hair faster without draining and damaging it. The humidity level of your hair remains optimally balanced. The result: beautiful, shiny and perfectly formed hair every day!

Convenient drying and styling
Silk'n SilkyLocks 2200W has a compact, lightweight design and is very easy to use thanks to Smart Touch Display. It has up to 6 speeds and 8 heat settings. You can completely customize your hairdryer to suit your personal needs and desires. Silk'n SilkyLocks 2200W comes with a hair straightening and styling hub and a diffuser for elastic, curls and volume.

Ionizing function
hair contains positive and negative ions. Activities such as combing hair leads to the breakdown of negative ions. When there are mostly positive ions in your hair, it looks lifeless, electrified and dry. To prevent this, Silk'n SilkyLocks 2200W is equipped with an ionizing function. During the drying of the hair, negative ions are activated and spread, which cover it and protect it optimally. Negative ions guarantee soft and shiny hair.

AOPP & EHD technology
If you expose your hair to high temperatures, it can dry or even burn in many extreme cases. With Silk'n SilkyLocks 2200W you won't have any problems with this! A hairdryer is equipped with AOPP and EHD technologies. AOPP (Active overheating protection) technology ensures automatic braking of the hairdryer to prevent overheating. After about 15 minutes it can be used again. EHD (equilibrium heat distribution) balances heat to protect it from burning, allowing it to dry faster.

Too much heat can dry your hair hard, making it lifeless, electrified and drained. Thanks to the temperature lock feature, Silk'n SilkyLocks 2200W ensures that your hair will dry quickly at a constant temperature and maintain moisture balance. Use the Cool Shot button, the cold airflow tightens the hair, making it shiny and even more beautiful.

More Information
Manufacturer Silkn
Warranty (months) 24
Accessories Inklusive Nabe und Diffusor
Power (W) 2200
Functions Cool Shot
Display N/A
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