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Starter set for gel polish - Professional Red Fox

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Starter set contains:

1. UV / Led lamp - 48W, SUN 3

2. 2 pcs. RED FOX (color of your choice - Send your choice by email - Category Manicure-> Gel Polish)

3. Base RED FOX -15ml.

4. Top RED FOX -15ml.

5. HYBRID LIQUID FOR REMOVING GEL VARNISH -Sicare-570 ml - with chewing gum aroma.

6. Degreaser Ocho 

7. Silcare cuticle oil with mango and orange aroma - 11.5 ml.

8. Nail file

Starter kit, suitable for both home and professional use, containing everything you need to make a quality and beautiful manicure.

Professional UV / Led lamp - 48W, SUN 3. Cures in seconds all types of gel polish and building gel, suitable for both manicure and pedicure. 60% faster than other uv / led lamps.

Digital timer 0-99 seconds and sensor for switching on when placing the hand.

With LED lamps you will never have to replace a light bulb. The LED lamp will work flawlessly for 60,000-70,000 hours (this makes about 7-8 years of intensive work) without reducing its brightness or power. In practice, with them you can ensure years of reliable work without leading to deviations in its work.

Lifespan of the bulbs: 60,000 - 70,000 hours

Number of diodes: 36 pcs.

Compact and lightweight design, with a falling bottom.

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