3 in 1 ultrasound device for body, Led therapy, electrical stimulation and ultrasound

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- Ultrasonic massager for weight loss and body shaping

- three functions - microcurrent therapy, ultrasound and infrared light

- reduces subcutaneous fat, cellulite and smoothes the skin

- non-invasive method to reduce the circumference

- short procedure - 15-30 minutes a day

- functional and compact design

An innovative device for sculpting and shaping the body, which combines three functions - ultrasound therapy, infrared heat and electrical stimulation. A procedure of only 15-30 minutes a day helps reduce fat accumulation and cellulite, smoothes the skin, tightens and sculpts the silhouette. Easy to operate, functional with a compact design.

The device can create ultrasonic vibration at a speed of 1MHz, which is most suitable for body care. The ultrasonic wave penetrates to a depth of 1 cm into the skin, thus it can change the volume and movement of each cell, thus having the effect of a fine massager, which is called a cell massager. The cell massager can activate and regulate the cell membrane, while improving the permeability of the skin surface. As a result, it speeds up the metabolism, accelerates the natural excretion of fats, improves the functionality of the lymphatic and circulatory system, thus promoting weight loss.

Infrared heat:
The device delivers infrared rays with a spectrum of 8-12 micrometers. This wavelength is very close to the frequency of vibrations of the body's cellular molecules and can penetrate deeper into the skin and subcutaneous tissues. As a result, they generate a slight heating effect just below the surface of the skin, thus improving the vitality of the skin, accelerating cellular metabolic activity and leading to faster fat burning.

Electrostimulation (microcurrent massage) is an advanced technological method for promoting health and body tone. This method is extremely suitable for reducing excess fat around the waist, abdomen, thighs and arms. Microcurrent massage uses a low voltage current that excites the muscles, causing them to contract involuntarily (passive movement). Muscle movement consumes energy and burns fat. This leads to toning of certain parts of the body where fat accumulates. Excellent results can be achieved in over 94% of people, especially in combination with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Ultrasound frequency: 1 MHz;
Voltage: 240V;
Dimensions: 190X 80X60mm;
Weight: 140 g.

The set includes:

1 piece. gift box
1 piece. device
1 piece. adapter
4 pcs. electrode
1 piece user manual

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Warranty (months) 12
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