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Silk'n Tightra intimate women's health device

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- The first device for women's intimate health for home use
- Helps restore self-esteem and sexual pleasure.
- Uses bipolar RF energy, known for its astringent effect on collagen-containing tissues
- Improves sensitivity in an intimate area
- Helps with a mild form of involuntary urine leakage
- Visible results in just 4 weeks
- Safe and painless operation

Clinically Proven

Tightra is clinically proven to increase bladder control by tightening pelvic floor muscles. It also addresses women’s feminine health concerns including excessive dryness, laxity, and pain.

In as little as 4 weeks:

  • 85% experienced some improvement in stress urinary incontinence symptoms.
  • 92% experienced improved vaginal symptoms.
  • 89% experienced improvement in sexual functioning.

Silk'n Tightra - latest generation technology for vaginal fertilization and lifting

In the result of hormonal symptoms such as menopause or after childbirth, the intimate area of women undergoes some physiological changes. Some of these include relaxation of the vaginal walls, decreased sexual pleasure, vaginal dryness or involuntary discharge of urine, causes that can cause uncertainty and anxiety in the woman. The revolutionary silk'n tightra device uses clinically tested and proven bipolar radio frequency energy, which is able to relieve such symptoms without the need for surgical intervention.

Clinically tested and proven Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF)
technology Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) technology is well known to modern medicine and is widely used in intimate aesthetics. It is most commonly used in women to renew natural vaginal tissue, produce new elastin and collagen fibers, increase the tone of pelvic muscles and labia.
Silk'n was able to introduce the same technology into Silk't Tightra, a home appliance. With it you will improve the health of the intimate area entirely in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Safe operation
Silk ́n Tightra is specially designed for home use and includes a number of important safety mechanisms. The appliance has 16 built-in heat sensors that measure skin temperature during use, and the skin temperature will never exceed 42-43 ° C and cause burning. In addition, Silk't Tightra is equipped with a touch sensor that ensures that the device only works with good skin contact. To protect external vaginal tissue from burning, there is a motion sensor that will prevent heating when tightra's tip does not move on the skin. In addition, Silk ́n Tightra has an automatic shutdown function that turns off the device after being used for 20 minutes.

Fast and visible results
The use of Silk'n Tightra is easy and time-consuming. It only takes 8 sessions of 20 minutes over 4 weeks to achieve visible results. During this period, you can use Silk'n Tightra both internally and externally.

How does it work?
Silk ́n Tightra is designed in such a way that it does not create discomfort during use. Ergonomic and lightweight design with built-in 16 gold and chrome electrodes. All 16 electrodes are intended for internal use, while the 3 chrome electrodes are designed specifically for external use. During the procedure, you will experience a warm sensation.
Before use, it is important to apply silk's Intimate Gel to the device. It provides conductivity between the appliance and the skin.

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